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Oakfield School’s hive is just so well behaved.

Do not attempt this unless you are sure you know the bees you are dealing [...]

Bees can be calm and careful how they walk on you

Today we had another look in the hive and one bee settled on my hand [...]

The first look into the Oakfield Beehive in April 2020

Wow they have survived well! 6 frames of bees eating ravenously. See the remains of [...]

A second beehive arrives at Oakfield School in Ryde Isle of Wight

Both colonies are heavily weighted down because high winds can have a devastating effect and [...]

Pupils Check Hive at Oakfield Primary

Pupils coming to help Mark from BeesMax with the hives on the school grounds. [...]

Bees arrive at Oakfield School on the 28th November 2019

Gavin and Colin Haley cleared the way and worked with Mark Gale unpacking the beehive [...]