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BeesMax and The Bee Tree Protection Order (BTPOs)

Should the need for relocation be unavoidable, BeesMAX provides the process to maintain the colonies’ evolutionary development, enabling them to continue living as closely aligned as possible to the UK’s natural weather patterns.

The colony is kept intact and, most importantly, the bees are happy. With the idea set in motion, proof that the relocation process works and the bees’ welfare at heart, this is really something to get behind.

Bee Tree Preservation Orders

This is an ingenious new way to expand the use of the existing tree preservation order process.

The promotion of Bee Tree Preservation Orders (BTPOs) is vital and a cornerstone to our initiative.

  • Bee Tree Preservation Orders, as their name suggests, protect trees from being damaged or felled.
  • If a tree is identified as having honeybees inside, a BTPO can and should be applied for, with reasoning for the order being the bees are within.
  • As bees are a protected animal, it should be granted without question. This means that the tree and its inhabitants are protected and given rights to exist so the honeybees can be preserved using an existing legal framework everyone is aware of in the UK.
  • Bee Tree Preservation Orders could apply to just one specific tree, a group of trees or even entire woodland habitats.
  • Currently standard TPOs may be issued for specific trees because of the trees history, rarity, or community value, to name but a few reasons
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