Using technology to support our work


Technology also offers hope for the bees. We are deploying the Arnia system within our rehoming communities so that the academic community can use the statistical information produced along with honey sampling to create a UK wide environmental footprint. Opposite are typical graphs the Arnia system provides giving detailed information on bee growth and general health issues.

By using the Arnia system combined with a long term regular honey testing regime, we now have new and exciting information that has not been available before.  And as we move forward and continue the work with our academic partners, we are now commissioning new research on:

  • The DNA testing of pollens to discover the bee’s local food sources
  • Look at the honey and pollen quality, its quantities and local environmental diversity
  • The longevity of residual pesticides in the soil
  • The environmental impact assessments on quantities of residual pesticides
  • Investigate the survivability of bee colonies, their growth and to ascertain whether they are still able to swarm and reproduce as we hope they still can!