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Rewilding Our Honey Bees

Many people, groups and governing bodies have been working to find ways to help save our honey bees, and BeesMAX is proud to be providing a small step of success towards this goal.

Highlighting the huge problems of pesticides, disease and the Varroa mite is only half the story, wild bees also need more homes to go to. Deforestation and the lack of unmanaged very old trees is the root of yet another hidden problem of a very heavily managed rural environment.

The BeesMAX Urban Rewilding Scheme rehomes honey bees into UK homes, businesses and schools. Our unique urban honey bee hotels work in the same way as you would install a bird or bat box.

Honey Bee Hotels

You can have your own Honey Bee Hotel on your own private or bsiness grounds.

  • Support our Urban Rewilding Project
  • Ideal for gardens large and small.
  • Host one bee hotel or more, depending on the size of your garden / grounds.
  • Our urban honey bee hotels enable bees to be rehomed in the wild where they can thrive, grow and replenish the existing depleted bee colonies.
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