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Training and Engagement

BeesMAX provides a service for all urban honey bee hotel owners to have training and engagement sessions at their location with their hive(s).

You and your staff / family, can be trained to care and maintain the hive(s) and learn more about bee behaviour, health, pollination, and swarming.

BeesMAX will provide ongoing support and training to meet your needs, and in-house hive management with full training available. 

Cost for training and engagement services starts from £75 per hive per year. 

If you would like a BeesMax hive for your own personal or business grounds, then please do contact us. We can discuss how to get the most out of your hive and how you can help us with our national rewilding scheme.

Honey Bees and Wellbeing at Work

You can read more about how BeesMAX supports businesses with Wellbeing programmes using the bee hive lunch time clubs as a support for staff engagement, training, and wellbeing. 

Read more here about Honeybees and Wellbeing at Work here:

Honeybees and Wellbeing At Work

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