BeesMax is a not-for-profit company with the sole aim of reversing the decline of the UK bee population.

The Problem

The UK honey bees are in sharp decline, with up to 50 per cent of colonies dying out each year. British beekeepers are the custodians of nearly all remaining honey bee populations and they are all in captivity. More…

Our Solution

We rehome bees onto donated land in recycled small hives designed to make the colonies multiply and so leave to find new homes. This is backed up by an educational programme in schools and colleges. More…

Get Involved

We are always looking for schools, individuals and businesses to join our Partner Network, sponsor a hive, or support STEM education in schools. More…

What we offer

We offer innovative approaches that aim to include all ages in helping our honey bees fight back. Rather than limiting ourselves to urban bee conservation or just artificially seeding peripheral areas of farm land with spare urban swarms, BeesMAX goes much further.

We focus on three main objectives in order to provide a fighting chance for the bees:

  • Creating new homes in the wild
  • Innovative WiFi web-enabled viewing which educates and gives access to everyone
  • Providing teachers with the materials for them to help motivate our kids  

Our unique solution

Our unique solution is a holistic approach to a fragmented problem. We solve the honey bee housing shortage by installing small recycled polystyrene boxes around the UK at designated sites, which are especially prepared to attract wild honey bee swarms needing homes to go to. Our aim is to regenerate and maximise the opportunities for local honey bee renewal with new homes for them to live in. If there is a shortage of local wild bees within the immediate vicinity of our local housing scheme then our seeded colonies will kick start the renewal process.

Key to success

Key to our local success is that these new homes are:

  • never moved and therefore, over time, become known among the local wild bee communities as a safe haven
  • left undisturbed and as unmanaged as possible. They are not intended to be suitable for gathering of surplus honey for us to eat
  • seeded with a swarm in one of our recycled polystyrene boxes at each site. They are there to kick start the renewal process
  • the seeded colonies will have the Arnia Remote Data Collection System installed for us to gather national statistics on their sustainability

Our honeybee monitoring scheme

Our honey bee community housing scheme sites are provided by the Country Land & Business Association and are distributed throughout the UK. They will provide a new and unique information database collected by the Arnia equipment. The results from our Arnia remote data collection systems will provide a new and valuable insight into patterns of honey bee behaviour. You can share in our participation of the National Honey Monitoring Scheme which will provide not only a list of any pesticides finding their way into the honey but a list of all the plants your bees have visited.

How commercial organisations can help

BeesMAX is asking commercial organisations to help fund us in delivering our beekeeping facilities and data services to local schools. The BeesMAX data service provides the classroom with a unique real-time graphical dashboard viewed via notebooks, tablets, mobiles and classroom PCs. The template lesson plans will help you deliver an extra level of science and environmental education never before available. They classroom involvement in bee hive activity compliments the existing STEM toolkit.

By sponsoring The BeesMAX Project you will help play your part along with our academic partnerships facilitating new research on:

  • DNA testing of pollens to discover the bees’ local food sources
  • Honey and pollen quality, its quantities and local environmental diversity
  • The longevity of residual pesticides in the soil
  • Environmental impact assessments on quantities of residual pesticides
  • Survivability of bee colonies, their growth and are they still able to swarm and reproduce as we hope they still can!

Our partnership provides schools with our unique data gathering services to internet-enable a previously obscure and inaccessible world of nature. From their computers in school, the day to day life of a honey bee will be uncovered. Even in deepest winter, their race for survival will be revealed. We will make available the raw half hourly data for schools to create their own graphs, presentations and investigative reporting a way never before achieved.

For further information please email BeesMAX.

tel – 01372 702 337
mob – 07900 578 877

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How to begin keeping honey bees

If you are a school, college or other group wanting advice on how to create your own apiary then contact Mark Gale.