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Queen Rearing and Honey Tasting 

The first Thursday in June saw the start of a series of four weekly “Meet The Bees” sessions at Bourne Business Park where members learned about the incredible process of creating new colonies. 

The club’s queen rearing programme, exclusive to Bourne Business Park, is at the heart of this exciting endeavour, and June is the only time you can witness this first-hand. 


Honey Tasting

As part of the week’s session, we demonstrated hive inspections and honeycomb collection to club members. 

Club members got to taste the season’s first honey right after it was harvested, straight form the hive!

Jars of premium honey

In addition to the honey tasting, jars of BeesMAX’s premium honey was available for purchase to help support our ongoing bee rescue and rewilding programmes. 

Help protect our bees

Whether you’re a seasoned beekeeper or a curios newcomer, everyone is welcome. Join us and be part of a vibrant community dedicated to preserving our wild honeybees. Contact us for more details.