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Bee mine. Celebrating love and sweetness on St Valentine’s Day with the honeybees

The sweet and luscious taste of honey has long been associated with passion and desire, [...]

BeesMAX and Sussex University Collaboration

BeesMAX is proud to announce a collaboration with Sussex University investigating the survival of our [...]

Nesting Bees Build Onwards and Upwards at the Garlic Farm, Isle of Wight

Review the video and look for the leading edge and see how the cell shape [...]

Oakfield School’s hive is just so well behaved.

Do not attempt this unless you are sure you know the bees you are dealing [...]

Our first Bee Tree at The New Beacon School

This colony must have been sending out multiple swarms and renewing a locally grown wild [...]

The first look into the Oakfield Beehive in April 2020

Wow they have survived well! 6 frames of bees eating ravenously. See the remains of [...]

A second beehive arrives at Oakfield School in Ryde Isle of Wight

Both colonies are heavily weighted down because high winds can have a devastating effect and [...]

Pupils Check Hive at Oakfield Primary

Pupils coming to help Mark from BeesMax with the hives on the school grounds.

January Hive Health Check

LINK TO VIDEO Notice how green the grass is for late January. The hive sits [...]