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Corporate organisations are supporting BeesMax. We need your help too! Please help fund our school beehives so we can ensure students of all ages from 6 to 16 years old can benefit from this shared resource.The bee colony is an innovative way to help teach all the STEM subjects. It is a unique way to interleave both environmental studies with the appreciation of Internet of Things.

Listen to Dr Nicola Robinson, Director of Science at Barton Court Grammar School, on how your support can make a real difference.

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Supporting BeesMax’s research and educational projects could not be any easier. Visit here for host, adopt and share options, or contact us using the message box below to become a Corporate Partner.

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    BeesMax and Arnia IT

    Through the use of our Blue Box Rehoming Scheme, we aim to provide depleted wild colonies with a new habitat in which the bees can reorganise and restructure. As well as placing these in woodland areas, they also offer schools and businesses the opportunity to install hives on their sites.

    Arnia, similarly, is a company concerned with bee health, but from a more technical standpoint. They have developed technology that goes into a hive and records data that is sent back to the beekeeper. Sensors are fitted inside the hive in order to monitor the colony’s behaviour and these statistics are then sent, via a gateway, to the user’s devices, allowing them to better understand their own bees. The data collected can be compared across different hives using the same technology.

    After working together, both companies have decided to enter an official partnership, with BeesMAX using Arnia technology in their rehoming scheme. This opens up a whole world of educational opportunities and provides a more in-depth experience.

    So why Arnia?

    The Arnia system is unique in combining colony acoustics monitoring with brood temperature, hive humidity, hive weight and apiary weather to provide detailed insight into hive conditions and bee behaviour. No other system provides this richness of data.

    Data collection using Arnia technology in BeesMAX rehoming scheme.

    Photos – Staff Bee Clubs

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    Videos – Bee hives in action

    A selection of videos from corporate-hosted bee hives

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        Supporting the bee population

        We will be adding resources for people to learn about bees, how they affect our lives, and how we can all learn more and help reverse the decline of the bee population in the UK. Resources being added soon.