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15% discount for multi hive hosting

1 x service managed colony
1 x half day engagement session
Regulr checks on hive activity & bee health
Client access via booking system
Option of BeesMax Bee Hive Box
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a small hive but able to rehome 10,000-20,000 bees
1 x fully managed colony
2 x half day engagement sessions
Regulr checks on hive activity & bee health
Client access via booking system
Option of BeesMax Bee Hive Box
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largest of our hives and ideal for those wanting honey
1 x fully managed hive
2 x half day engagement sessions
Harvesting of honey from your hive(s), spinning, jarring and personalised labels
Regulr checks and client access
BeesMax Bee Hive Box
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All Host A Hive packages include:

  • Survey of your site for hive suitability
  • Hive installation
  • Care and regeneration of colonies
  • Swarm prevention & management
  • Winter hive insulation
  • Treatment for diseases using only natural non-manufactured ingredients
  • Immediate replacement should the colony abscond
  • Pollination of the local area
  • Minimum one year fully serviced installation


You don’t just have to host a hive. If you wish you can opt for our ‘Training and Engagement’ programme and include an Arnia™ data collection system in your hive to monitor bee activity and behaviour.



REGISTER your interest by contacting us here: contact us.

We will conduct a SITE SURVEY to ensure your property is suitable for one of our hives and possible locations for the hive(s) to be situated. 

Once hive size, location and optional extras have been agreed, you will then receive an email to make PAYMENT, either annually or monthly options available. 

DELIVERY will then be organised to suit you and for you to enjoy your new hive(s).

You will received all the ONGOING SUPPORT and maintenance as part of your agreed package. Watch the flowers in your local area, even fruit and vegetables, grow larger and stronger due to al the pollination from you bees. Senior hive hosters can then enjoy honey when harvested.


A. Deciding whether you can host, adopt or share comes down to your location and your budget.

HOSTING A HIVE is when you pay for an exclusive hive that is located on your site. We will do a site survey to ensure the hive is in the best location, and we will fully manage the hive on your behalf.

ADOPTING A HIVE is when you financial support a hive that is located away from your site. Perhaps you do not have the appropriate space or the environment is not best suited. We have many locations around the UK (typically schools, National Trust land and country estates) that have been donated to us for the purpose of hosting hives for businesses, schools and individuals.

SHARING A HIVE is where individuals can contribute towards a colony’s upkeep. A few people jointly supporting their own hive that we host for you. You can visit your hive and see your colony, knowing your contribution to the BeesMax project is making a difference. 

A. BeesMax will carry out a comprehensive site survey at your location and will discuss the best options for you.

A. As little or as much as you wish. BeesMax will fully manage your hive(s) but you do have the option of learning about hive management and developing your skills. You can also engage your employees if on a business location; great for CSR too. Ask us for more details. 

A. Not to worry. We’d love your support and we can put your hive at locations around the UK on land already donated to us for use with our BeesMax project. You can also opt for the online data service to keep up to date with activity in your remote hive.