BeesMAX at Mill Hill School

BeesMAX at Mill Hill School

Mill Hill School has a BeesMax bee hive installed on the grounds, supporting the crucial rehoming programme from BeesMax. The hive also provides a resource for pupils as well as employees to learn about the life of bees, the programmes in place to support the regeneration of the bee population in the UK, and how their existence plays a crucial role in our lives.


The hive at the school

Since the original installation the BeesMAX honeybees at Mill Hill School the location has become a really important feature on the BeesMAX calendar and we’d like to thank all the staff who have championed this through to completion.

There is so much that can be learned by adults and children going the distance and putting on specialist beekeeping PPE and observing the interior of a colony.

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Events and linked hives

BeesMAX have organised some exciting beekeeping events for 2023 to be held at the three Mill Hill Schools where BeesMAX has hives located. Contact BeesMAX below if you’d like to be informed of all their upcoming events.


Latest News


Latest News & Updates from the hives at the three Mill Hill Schools.

Pollen as food medicine

BeesMAX sells pollen in its original form straight from the legs of the bees as [...]

Using garlic and allicin as a chemical free beekeeper

Using allicin from crushed garlic as chemical free beekeepers. Understanding the research behind allicin and [...]

New research on small-scale planting and pollinators.

A fascinating dissection of the research on the effect small-scale planting scheme interventions are having [...]


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Archive Photos – Mill Hill School

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This beehive camera shows a live stream of the honeybee colony every day, 24 hours throughout the year.  Notice the clock inset displaying UK local time. Even at night the honeybees can be seen resting but still moving around.

Viewing the livestream

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There are various facilities for you to use so please explore the time lapse clips on the left side bar. Expand to view full screen by first hovering over the bottom bar and then clicking various on the bottom right-hand side.


Over the winter this honeybee colony has survived very well and you can see several thousand in the cluster beginning to organise themselves to initiate spring breeding. The queen will probably start to lay eggs in early March.

BeesMAX and Arnia IT

Arnia is a company, like BeesMAX, concerned with bee health, but from a more technical standpoint. They have developed technology that goes into a hive and records data that is sent back to the beekeeper. 

Arnia IT inside a hive

Sensors are fitted inside the hive in order to monitor the colony’s behaviour and these statistics are then sent, via a gateway, to the user’s devices, allowing them to better understand their own bees. The data collected can be compared across different hives using the same technology.

Our mission

So why Arnia?

The Arnia system opens up a whole world of educational opportunities and provides a more in-depth experience.

It is unique in combining colony acoustics monitoring with brood temperature, hive humidity, hive weight and apiary weather to provide detailed insight into hive conditions and bee behaviour. No other system provides this richness of data.

Our team

The Arnia IT system in action

Through the use as part of our Honeybee Rewilding Scheme, we aim to provide depleted wild colonies with a new habitat in which the bees can reorganise and restructure. As well as placing these in woodland areas, they also offer schools, individuals and businesses the opportunity to install hives on their sites to support the rewilding of our honeybee colonies.

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How to support Mill Hill’s honeybee conservation

There are a number of ways friends of Mill Hill School can support the school hives with the honeybee rewilding conservation project. Take a peek below and let us know how you’d like to help. 

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Contact us for further information about hives at Mill Hill Schools, upcoming events, or hosting your own hive.