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Preserving the bee habitat

Do not  call a beekeeper, entrust BeesMAX to relocate a section of the tree with its colony of bees.

Trust your instinct and help us save our natural unseen assets. Bees did not evolve to live in a manufactured wooden box.

By calling a beekeeper of specialist pest control company:

  • The bee colony is likely to end up in traditional manufactured hives
  • Usually farmed for honey production along with hundreds of colonies
  • All the bees foraging the same three-mile radius of countryside. 

Alternatively, by contacting the Bee Tree Project:

  • The bees can be collected and relocated to anywhere in the UK and left within their original section of tree
  • This redistribution will repopulate and renew the dwindling wild honeybees
  • Wild honeybees need to stay as wild as they can.
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