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Eight reasons honeybees die in the winter. A challenge for humanity.

Image a world without bees. We explore the challenges bees face and time for us [...]

Pollen as food medicine

BeesMAX sells pollen in its original form straight from the legs of the bees as [...]

Using garlic and allicin as a chemical free beekeeper

Using allicin from crushed garlic as chemical free beekeepers. Understanding the research behind allicin and [...]

New research on small-scale planting and pollinators.

A fascinating dissection of the research on the effect small-scale planting scheme interventions are having [...]

Chemical Free Beekeeping

Applying natural remedies that can be easily found in the environment can significantly reduce the [...]

Honeybees Reach 30 Degrees Centigrade

Located at Bourne Business Park in Weybridge are thousands of Honeybees amongst three hives. The [...]

Beekeepers Lose Winter Colonies

Feral bees and hobbyist bees suffer honey flows during autumn months, with Ivy honey actually [...]

How wild honey comb is created by honeybees

Wild honey comb can be built upwards by the bees or downwards by the bees, [...]