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BeesMAX runs wellbeing lunch clubs for employees in the grounds of businesses and business parks across the UK. As well as the positive environmental impact of our rewilding beehives, the opportunities for improved personal wellbeing of the staff cannot be understated.

The lunch hour is so precious to staff, but an efficient use of the time allows us to ensure employees enjoy a relaxing and informative break from work, in the outdoors and natural environment, and a total distraction. The ultimate wellness at work.

A club for all

Staff take their choice as to a time slot, and can spend up to an hour with colleagues from their own office, or from neighbouring businesses if located on a business park. No prerequisites for bee experience or knowledge required. And no need to bring along any special clothing; all spacesuits and PPE are provided by BeesMAX.

We sometimes run late afternoon and early evening sessions in the summer, but mostly it is a lunchtime activity

Social connections

It’s really surprising how much comes out in conversation around the hive. There’s always somebody who has direct experience with a relation, or next door neighbour, or people to hand who have got a close link with bees in some form or other.

The clubs become popular, and there’s quite a camaraderie that’s built up. WhatsApp groups help share photos and experiences, and BeesAX is aways delighted to help individuals further their knowledge and experience beyond the club.

Covid-19 and Safety

BeesMAX provides this fully outsourced service for businesses, and an ideal pursuit to be involved in whilst COVID-19 is is still around because social distancing is very easy to maintain.

The PPE that you can see from the photographs further enhances the safety for all individuals involved.

All the clothing that’s provided by BeesMAX is only used once and is then laundered and cleaned ready for the next time.

The honeybee lunch clubs have been so popular that we’ve had to increase the number of hives at one business location.

Remote Access

The remote access IT system that we install in our hives provides employees a remote connection to the hives and continuity to be able to observe what’s going on without actually having to be next to the hives itself.

Interested in hosting a BeesMAX hive?

If you would like a BeesMax hive for your business/business park grounds, then please do contact us. We can discuss how to get the most out of your hive and how best we can support staff engagement.

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