To mark National Honey Bee Day, Beaverbrook will be hosting a honey-inspired series of events on Friday 16th August to highlight the importance of bee conservation, introduce guests to Beaverbrook’s existing initiatives that aim to reverse the decline of the British honey bee population and draw on the health benefits of honey at The Coach House Health Club & Spa.

About the day

The day will commence with a visit to the Beaverbrook bee garden and woodland beehives with head gardener, Elliott Beveridge, and sustainable beekeeper and founder of BeesMAX, Mark Gale, to learn how to plant a garden for bees, and more about the bee conservation initiatives in place at the hotel (this workshop will take place again in the afternoon for guests unable to make the morning session).

A 90-minute Honey Beauty Workshop will follow, hosted by the founders of Therapi Honey Skincare, Tanya & Esme Hawkes, on how to create beauty products using honey, propolis and other bee products, from face masks to body scrubs.

Finally, guests will visit the newly opened Coach House Health Club & Spa for a tasting of Beaverbrook’s very own honey in the deli.

For the remainder of the day, guests are invited to explore the estate: remaining in the spa to opt for a Therapi honey facial; taking a stroll around the 400 acres of gardens and woodlands; or heading to the roaring-20s inspired Sir Franks Bar for a signature cocktail.

About our bees

Bees are vital to a healthy environment and flourishing biodiversity, as well as contributing directly to food security, pollinating many of the fruit and vegetables we consume every day. However, honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate due to pesticides, land-use change and habitat loss.

Beaverbrook is working in partnership with local non-profit organisation BeesMAX in order to reverse the decline of the British honeybee population, by relocating urban swarms into designated areas of the woodlands surrounding the hotel, where they can thrive, grow and replenish the existing depleted bee colonies.

Beaverbrook is also contributing to the National Honey Monitoring Scheme, identifying the pollens of the plants Beaverbrook bees have visited; assisting on an artificial hibernation trial which will allow colonies to survive the winter hibernation; and implementing regular beekeeping activities for children, introducing them to the importance of bee preservation.

To book

Places on the National Honey Bee Day celebrations on Friday 16th August are open to hotel guests and Beaverbrook & Coach House Members. Please contact or call 01372 571306. This is a non-profit day, however, guests are encouraged to leave a donation which will go towards essential bee conservation activities.

Visits to the Beaverbrook Bee Garden, the Honey Beauty Workshop and honey tasting are complimentary. Therapi honey facials start from £25. All activities to be reserved in advance.