The BeesMAX fightback programme is now in the Dunstable area. Our video below shows pupils from Tithe Farm Primary School enjoying their first experience of bees at the Whitbread PLC beehive. Twenty-four pupils took part in groups of 6 on a wonderfully sunny day. Look out for the bee on the boy’s hand as he puts the frame back in the hive. There were about 150,000 bees in the hive, all in a good temperament. The teachers also dressed up in the space suits as well as the two unsuspecting senior school students who were on work experience at Tithe Barn Primary School and Whitbread! Notice the other adults and children in the background looking down from the car park in just ordinary clothing.

Pupils from Tithe Barn Primary School handing bees

The BeesMax hives are a great educational resources for the pupils learning about the environment and sustainability. Our next generation helping to reverse the bee population in the UK. For more information contact us here or use the message box below.