Learning and understanding more about how pollinators fit into the environment continues to go really well at New Beacon School in Sevenoaks, Kent. BeesMAX installed a beehive at the school last year and the pupils and staff have been using the integrated IT system to monitor the activity of the bees in real time. Five members of staff have been attending a ‘Bee keeping for beginners’ course and the children are involved with the hives too.

Pupils and staff at The New Beacon School, Kent.

Our User Interface enables pupils and staff to compare readings  from multiple sensors to provide an insight into colony status that is unattainable with any other system. This helps the school learn more about their bees and maintain strong, healthy and productive colonies. The school can access data at any time, following bee activity throughout the year. And it is likely that New Beacon honey production will begin in 2020 – an exciting time for all budding apiarists at the school.

The school even has a pupil whose father already has beehives. BeesMAX will continue to look after the colony during the summer holidays ready for September term.

The BeesMax hives are a great educational resources for the pupils learning about the environment and sustainability. Our next generation helping to reverse the bee population in the UK. For more information contact us here or use the message box below.