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Our FREE Livestreams are aimed at providing you with more knowledge about the UK honeybee, its habitat and life cycle, the importance of the honeybee to our lives, the dangers to the honeybee, and how we can help make a difference.

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Upcoming FREE Livestream – The Importance of the Honeybee

Look out for test events advertised on the socials in August, 202

from Mark Gale – Director, BeesMAX.

Understanding how and why the honeybee plays such an important part in our lives, and simple things we can all do to help.

Livestream Contents

  1. Identifying the honeybee
  2. The honeybee’s natural habitat
  3. The bee society: duties, lifecycles, purposes behaviours and reliance.
  1. Bees, honey and pollen
  2. The honeybee impact on our environment
  3. The honeybee impact on our economy
  1. Agriculture and the honeybee
  2. Bio-diversity and the honeybee
  3. Conservation and the honeybee
  1. The best plants for a pollinator-friendly garden
  2. Host a hive to support our rewilding project
  3. Become a natural beekeeper
  4. Develop your understanding with our Buzz About Bees Course (coming soon…)


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You can also view previous livestreams by clicking the Livestream Archive link below.

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Natural Beekeeping

If you find honeybees fascinating and want to know more, why not support our UK honeybees by understanding more about their needs, what plants to grow in your garden, and for some people, what it takes to look after a natural hive.

The course is not about traditional beekeeping; we see the bee as a pollinator first and provider of honey second. The Natural Beekeeping course is about supporting honeybees and the environment, naturally.

Natural Beekeeping Course
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