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Natural Beekeeping

If you find honeybees fascinating and want to know more, why not take a proactive stance and help our UK honeybees with their vital role in supporting our healthy environment and economy.

Our online Natural Beekeeping course provides you with the knowledge and expertise to keep bees in their natural environment. The course is not about traditional beekeeping, and is not honey-driven; we see the bee as a pollinator first and provider of honey second. For some natural beekeepers, the course will guide you with the best plants for your garden, whilst others might look to have their own hive.

The Natural Beekeeping course is to develop your understanding of the essential biological needs of the bee in a holistic manner, and ways in which you can support and help develop a healthy bee population in the UK.

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Course Outline

from Mark Gale – Director, BeesMAX.

Understanding how and why the honeybee plays such an important part in our lives, and simple things we can all do to help.

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